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March 22, 2017

Ep228 – Challenger Banks: The Battle Begins

We’ve brought together some of our favourite folks from the world of FinTech challenger banks. In this episode, we talk to Starling, Fidor, and Loot about their business models, who their customers are, and how they’re using technology and data to provide a great customer experience. We also discuss the challenges they’re facing, what agile really means, and what’s coming up for them in 2017. Enjoy the show!

March 20, 2017

Ep227 – Tantric Blockchain and Other FinTech Fun

On this episode of FinTech Insider we cover all sorts of intrigue, from money laundering, to tantric blockchain, to narcotics. Of course, we also analyze the latest FinTech headlines so you don’t have to, and interview some of our favourite folks at solarisBank and Penta. Thank you to our guests for another fun episode.

March 17, 2017

Ep226 – FCA Policy Director David Geale on the Thought Behind the Regulatory Sandbox

The  Financial Conduct Authority’s progressive regulatory policies have been credited with helping to make London one of the world’s finest FinTech centres. In episode 126 of FinTech Insider, we spoke with several participants of the FCA’s regulatory sandbox, created as a ‘safe space’ for startups and companies to test ideas before becoming fully regulated. In this episode, we interview FCA Policy Director David Geale on the thought behind the sandbox, and more. Enjoy the show!

March 15, 2017

Ep225 – Rotten to the Core Banking

Technology is failing banking. Bankers know what a great customer experience should look like, but they’re often prevented from delivering on that due to ancient legacy systems. And as long as they operate in a cobbled environment with 1,000 subsystems, they will never have a truly digital bank. Meaning they can’t compete with the banks that will win in the future. But don’t despair. Our guests discuss the steps to take to create a state-of-the-art core banking system that can deliver next-gen solutions.

March 13, 2017

Ep224 – Taking the Bull by the Horns

Taking the bull by the horns. We absolutely loved the statue that Wall Street fund manager State Street installed as part of International Women’s Day. A bronze girl faces the bull of Wall Street as part of a campaign to encourage companies to put more women on their boards. FinTech Insider co-host Simon Taylor saw a second message in the symbolism: State Street will protect your money, standing up to the scary market without fear. Another best-in-class marketing example this week: the customer communications that came out of the FinTech firms’ outage. Monzo, Loot, and other companies got a thumbs up from customers for the transparent way they managed the issue. Hear all about this and more on this episode of FinTech Insider News.

March 9, 2017

Ep223 – WeChat Africa CEO Brett Loubser on the Power of the Platform

As CEO of WeChat Africa, Brett Loubser’s role is to leverage the WeChat platform to the greatest extent possible in Africa. However, the market conditions in this continent are completely different from China. A focus on a chat app didn’t make sense for Africa, given the significant competitor products. Instead, Brett and his team focused on ‘the absolute power of the platform.’ In this episode of FinTech Insider, Brett shares great examples of how working with partner companies has proven to be such a great business model.

March 8, 2017

Ep222 – FinTech Out of Africa

FinTech isn’t disrupting the financial industry in Africa – it’s building it across the continent. And because it’s being building without much legacy, by default it’s digital as a platform. In this episode of FinTech Insider Insights, we’ll shine a light on some great FinTech stories coming out of Africa, including approaches and ideas that incumbent institutions will find incredibly useful.


March 6, 2017

Ep221 – Orange is the New Bank

Is PSD2 an opportunity or a headache for banks? FinTech Insider News guest Ben Robinson says we’re still underestimating the magnitude of what the regulators are asking banks to do, “which is basically to put their inventory online. Asking banks to give up their transactional data is like asking Google to give up its metadata.  You can see why banks wouldn’t want to.”

Also in the news, Monzo’s crowdfunding (and outage); our new favorite rap song; and Orange is the new bank.

March 3, 2017

Ep220 – Blythe Masters on Blockchain’s Once in a Generation Opportunity

Blythe Masters spent 27 years at JP Morgan in a variety of roles, including running the global commodities business, working in structured credit and fixed income markets, and serving as CFO of JP Morgan’s global investment bank. After leaving in 2014, she planned on taking a year off, but then blockchain caught her eye and she joined Digital Asset, where she’s CEO. In this interview, Blythe describes their technology as blockchain-inspired, explains what this means, and shares what Digital Asset is working on. Enjoy the show!

March 1, 2017

Ep219 – CIO Special: How to Change Your Culture

When it comes to innovation, can big, established banks compete with agile startups? Culture is the major barrier to digital transformation for larger organizations, so we talked to execs at the Global CIO Banking Summit to get their insight. Stay tuned for actionable examples on how to change your culture, how to measure this, and where to look for inspiration. (a taste: DBS doesn’t send executives to fancy business schools for training – they sit them down with startups to work out real business problems). Enjoy the show!

February 27, 2017

Ep218 – Robots Have Feelings, Too

In the news: Should robots pay taxes?; Liverpool launches its own digital currency; Atom Bank hires as a banking consultant; and more. Our guest this week: Alessandro Hatami, Managing Partner at The Pacemakers, and Andra Sonea, Fellow at the Anthemis Group. Enjoy the show!

February 24, 2017

Ep217 – EY’s James Lloyd: China’s Not Just Mobile First – Often It’s Mobile Only

Did you know that during Chinese New Year – which is only 6 days – 46 billion transactions happened on WeChat alone? That’s 46 billion “red packets” – the money you send as gifts. 46 billion. In this episode of FinTech Insider Interviews, we talk to James Lloyd about the incredible FinTech innovation and uptake happening not only in China, but across Asia. James is the Asia-Pacific FinTech Leader at EY, and our point of reference for most of the phenomenal stats coming out of the region. Enjoy the show!

February 22, 2017

Ep216 – The First 5 Steps to Transform Your Bank

Our mantra is digital banking is only 1% finished, and people usually react in two ways to this. Either they believe banking has got miles to go when it comes to tech advancements, or they think digital is merely a way to distribute analogue products. At 11:FS, we believe we’ve got 99% to go, and we’re really excited about the future of banking. But how do we get there? At a recent event in Oulu, Finland, 11:FS CEO David Brear shared the first 5 steps to transform your bank. Watch the video.



February 20, 2017

Ep215 – Cookies, Funny Money & What if Amazon Buys Capital One?

Amazon is looking to buy Capital One, or so goes the rumour. It’s been predicted for a long time that Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon would get into financial services, but Amazon is the only one of those companies that specifically needs a payments facility in their core business. James Arscott, CCO of invstr, joins us to discuss this and other headlines, including bitcoin going from funny money to something legit in Japan.

February 17, 2017

Ep214 – Monzo: The First Truly Digital Bank

When most banks are bribing people to join with £100 or a Rihanna CD, Monzo is doing the opposite: building a bank customers love, involving them in its development, and being so amazing the network blows up like Facebook. Monzo, the bank that broke Crowdcube, now has more than 100,000 customers. Next milestone: 1 million. Here’s how they’ll do it.

February 15, 2017

Ep213 – Bank Business Models: The Last Bastion of Innovation

Innovation isn’t having an app – it’s having a new business model. Yet for banks, business models are one of the hardest things to innovate around. We discuss what’s broken with traditional bank business models, and how to create new ones, with two people who know best: Tom Blomfield, CEO of Monzo, and Dora Ziambra, Head of Business Development at Azimo.

February 13, 2017

Ep212 – News: Is FinTech Failing? Dodd-Frank. And Everything Goes Back to Cannabis.

Is FinTech failing? We discuss this click-baity headline, which made the rounds recently. We also talk to Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO of Innovate Finance, to get insight on their latest report that says investment in UK FinTech startups dropped by 33.7% in 2016. Other news: WeChat to (see what we did there?) James Lloyd,  Asia-Pacific FinTech Leader at EY, about the 46 billion digital red packets WeChat users sent over Lunar New Year; and Anna Irrera, a journalist at Reuters, updates us on what’s happening with Dodd-Frank.

February 10, 2017

Ep211 – Token CEO Steve Kirsch

Serial tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch has founded seven companies and earned a name for himself as the inventor of the optical mouse. Today he’s CEO of Token,  a global open API banking platform.

February 8, 2017

Ep210 – Rainmaking Summit: Show Me How to Innovate

Liz Lumley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Rainmaking, says a woman approached her at one of their events recently and said, “I’m here because I get told all the time: You need to work with startups, and then no one tells me how.” The Rainmaking Summit was designed to give people like her the tools they need to make innovation happen. Straight talk. No bullshit. We sit down with key participants in London to get the lowdown.

February 6, 2017

Ep209 – Should UK Prepare for FinTech Exodus?; China Tests Digital Currency

How do I change my culture? And what the hell happens to all those bank fines?! Our guest Richard Peers, Director of Financial Services at Microsoft (@Peerster), joins us to discuss these hot issues as part of our weekly roundup of FinTech Insider News.

February 3, 2017

Ep208 – Sir Mark Walport, UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government Office for Science

Sir Mark Walport, UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government Office for Science, says his job is to advise the government on policy for all aspects of science, engineering, technology, and social science. In a delightful interview with 11:FS Co-Founder Simon Taylor, he discusses artificial intelligence, ethics and technology, data and privacy, and more.


February 1, 2017

Ep207 – PFM: Don’t Call it a Comeback

Is PFM dead? Invisible? Or has Personal Financial Management evolved from data-driven piecharts to something more useful?



January 30, 2017

Ep206 – Trump’s New Deal for Britain, Ant Financial Goes Global

News, glorious news! We’ve switched up the format of the show in season 2. Every Monday, we’ll bring you FinTech Insider News, a show dedicated exclusively to the latest FinTech and financial services headlines. This week we talk about Trump’s new deal for Britain, Ant Financial going global, and more. Wednesday features FinTech Insider Insights, where we’ll continue to bring on experts to discuss digital banking, new business models, APIs, and all the other areas that matter to our industry. And on Fridays, with FinTech Insider Interviews, we’ll continue to share the individual stories of people making the biggest impact in FinTech and financial services.

January 27, 2017

Ep205 – Tandem CEO Ricky Knox and CCO Ruth Handcock

Tandem CEO Ricky Knox says banking should feel effortless, as easy as listening to Spotify. He shares how Tandem is building this kind of digital bank, and how his previous startups, including Small World Financial Services and Azimo, led him to where he is today. Tandem is the second digital bank in the UK to get its banking license, and recently received a £35 million investment from House of Fraser. In this episode, you’ll also hear from Chief Customer Officer Ruth Handcock, who says her job is listening to customers, then translating that into what Tandem is building.

January 25, 2017

Ep204 – Tandem Takeover! Building a Digital Bank that Advocates for Customers

Tandem Takeover! We talk to the team building ‘a new kind of bank’ about how you can be digital and still be very human, how to recruit at a startup, the future of banking, how to be truly agile, how to advocate for customers, and more.

January 20, 2017

Ep203 – Lesley-Ann Vaughan, Co-Creator of M-PESA; Director of MiLA Consulting

Lesley-Anne Vaughan, Director of MiLA Consulting and Co-Creator of M-PESA, talks to us about how she helped develop the famed mobile money transfer service in Kenya. Since 2005, Lesley Anne has been dedicated to mobile money and mobile financial services in emerging markets. The incredible work she did to build and launch M-PESA earned her name on the patent, which is pretty amazing!

January 18, 2017

Ep202 – APIs: Plug into Banking

What are APIs? Lesley-Anne Vaughan, Co-Creator of M-PESA, says APIs work like ordering from a menu at a restaurant. You place your order from the menu, which is like an API call out to the kitchen (system). The food that comes to the table is the system’s response to that API call. What does this have to do with financial services? Bankers should be interested in APIs because they enable the digital experiences their customers want.

More API analogies and explanations await in episode 202!

January 13, 2017

Ep201 – Benoit Legrand, Global Head of FinTech at ING

Today we’re speaking to Benoit Legrand, Global Head of FinTech at ING. Benoit has more than 20 years of experience in transforming various areas of banking, and even founded a startup. In this interview he shares how ING is like a ’20-year-old fintech,’  and why a team’s banking experience is key to helping banks change.

“I’ve seen so many companies just trying to bring people from outside with a very digital background. But they are not speaking the banking language. And you need that to make sure that the power of the company is being used to transform itself.”

January 11, 2017

Ep200 – Transaction Banking: From Zero to Hero

Welcome to Season 2 of FinTech Insider! Transaction banking has been defined as “the plumbing of international business. It ensures that salaries get paid, money for goods and services gets delivered, investment returns are credited where they belong, and the wheels of world trade keep turning” – Global Finance Magazine. In this episode, Mark Buitenhek, Global Head of Transaction Services at ING, and Benoit Legrand, Global Head of FinTech at ING join us for transaction banking 101.

January 6, 2017

Ep136 – Leda Glyptis, Banking & FinTech Legend

Leda Glyptis should be first on your list for any dinner party. Full of wit and wisdom, this banking and fintech legend always takes conversations to the next level. We talk to her about APIs and open banking, the aftermath of Brexit, PSD2, the golden rule she lives by and more.

January 4, 2017

Ep135 – Digital Banking is Only 1 Percent Finished

Happy New Year from FinTech Insider! Wow, 2016 was an incredibly busy year for us. In addition to doing this podcast, in May we started a company called 11:FS, a fintech consultancy that helps banks become truly digital. One of our core beliefs is that digital banking is only 1% finished.

What does that mean?

Today we thought we’d recap, and share a little bit more about who we are at 11:FS. This podcast was recorded during an event we co-hosted with solarisBank in Berlin. Enjoy!

December 30, 2016

Ep134 – FinTech Predictions for 2017

Time to make fintech predictions for 2017! Will PSD II be the biggest disappoint of the year? How big will the challenger banks get? Is regtech the new fintech? We make predictions on all this and more. Enjoy!

December 28, 2016

Ep133 – 2016 FinTech Review – What a Crazy Ass Year Part 2

And now for part 2 of our 2016 FinTech Review — What a Crazy Ass Hear This Has Been. We discuss Pokémon (remember that?), the UK ringing in a new Prime Minister, the US electing Donald Trump as President, the Wells Fargo scandal, Facebook payments, China, and, of course, us starting the FinTech Insider podcast!

December 26, 2016

Ep132 – 2016 FinTech Review – What a Crazy Ass Year Part 1

You’ve had your holiday meals, now it’s time to digest 2016. What a crazy ass year this has been. Brexit. President Trump. Chatbots and fake news. Wells Fargo scandal. Hacks taking down elections and ecommerce. China becoming a fintech star. PSD II and the promise of APIs.

So much happened in 2016, we’re splitting our review into two parts. Today, you’ll get a whistle stop tour of the major trends that shaped financial services for the first half of the year.

December 23, 2016

Ep131 – Monzo Part 2: The Road to 1 Billion Customers

We’re back with Part 2 of our takeover of Monzo, one of our favourite challenger banks. In this episode, we dive into the details on how they’re creating a truly digital bank. You’ll learn how they’re organised, building technology from the ground up, fostering a culture of trust and learning (fun fact: they all have access to each other’s emails), what makes their design so special, why their community is so engaged, and more.

December 21, 2016

Episode 130 – Monzo Part 1: How to Build a Bank

Field trip! This week we geek out at Monzo’s headquarters in London. Monzo is one of our favourite U.K. challenger banks, which they’re building from the ground up with help from thousands of customers. Their tagline: ‘Finally, a bank as smart as your phone.’ In this episode, you’ll learn how to build a digital bank Monzo style.

December 16, 2016

Ep129 – Xero: Giving 800,000 Business Owners Their Lives Back

Gary Turner is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Xero, which provides small- to medium sized businesses (SMBs or SMEs) with online accounting software. Forbes described Xero as the “World’s Most Innovative Growth Company.” In this episode, Gary talks about how he helped take Xero from a 3-person startup with £50,000 in revenue to a company that will have £150 million in revenue this year. He also shares his favourite productivity hacks, podcasts, and advice to those getting into fintech.


December 14, 2016

Ep128 – How FinTech is Revolutionising SMEs

Business banking sucks, but it doesn’t have to, say this week’s stellar guests. The CEO of Tide and Co-Founders of xero and Penta join us to discuss how fintech is revolutionising SMEs (small- to medium sized enterprises/businesses). We talk to them about how fintech is giving business owners their lives back, simplifying processes, improving customer service, and saving them hours on admin every week so they can focus on growing their business. Thank you to Ghela Boskovich for guest hosting this week with Simon.


December 9, 2016

Ep127 – Giving Banks Fintech Access Through One API

Onboarding a fintech into a bank is expensive, due to acquisition and compliance costs, and the risks that come with different APIs. Railsbank,  which goes live in early 2017, will give banks access to the fintech world through one API. We talk to Nigel Verdon, CEO and Co-founder of Railsbank, about how his company serves as the glue between fintechs and banks.

December 7, 2016

Ep126 – Building in the FCA Sandbox

Several of this week’s guests are part of the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulatory sandbox in the UK. The FCA created the sandbox as ‘safe space’ for startups and companies to test ideas before becoming fully regulated, saving them time and money. The objective is to encourage and deliver more effective competition in the interests of consumers. 

On the show, we’ll talk about the benefits of being in the sandbox, how it works, and what it takes to get accepted into the programme.


December 2, 2016

Ep125 – Blockchain’s Godfather & Wealth’s Superhero

Hello, FinTech Insiders! This week we chat with two awesome guests, both leading innovation in different areas: blockchain and wealth management. 

  • Jeff Garzik, Co-Founder of Bloq @jgarzik
  • Dave Bruno, Head of UBS WM Innovation @SuperDaveBruno


November 30, 2016

Ep124 – Wealth: Robo-Advisors or Master of Puppets?

Wealth Management isn’t just for the super rich anymore. It’s opened up to everyone. But the reality is, most of us aren’t taking steps now to have a nice life in the future—or even to be able to retire. This week, our expert guests discuss how we can solve this massive social problem. We also chat about robo-advisors, creating offense in wealth management, digital wallets, and, of course, Metallica.

November 25, 2016

Ep123 – FinTech Under the Influence

Guests Sam Maule and Chris Gledhill are among the 100 most influential fintech leaders in 2016. Fun fact: Chris used to build software for submarines and Sam used to live on them.

  • Sam is Director of Digital & FInTech at NTT DATA Americas 
  • Chris is CEO and Co-Founder at Secco 
November 23, 2016

Ep122 – I Like Chatbots and I Cannot Lie!

Are chatbots the last bridge to true AI? Or are we getting excited over nothing? We discuss whether chatbots are ready for primetime, as well as the latest fintech news.


November 18, 2016

Ep121 – Off the Chain! With R3 and RBS

Richard Brown, Chief Technology Officer at R3, started building a blockchain platform called Corda from scratch a year ago. The distributed ledger platform is different from other blockchain platforms in that it’s designed explicitly for and by the world’s financial institutions. R3 is a consortium of over 75 of the world’s largest financial institutions, and Richard Crook, Head of Innovation Engineering at RBS, sits on its steering committee. He crystallized the mission statement that led to the creation of Corda, which will be available November 30.

We sit down with both Richards to talk about the current and future state of blockchain.

November 16, 2016

Ep120 – Will FinTech Survive Trump?
Plus Blockchain’s Biggest Brains

Will Trump roll back regulation? Did chatbots swing the election? The 11:FS team discuss with three brilliant guests:

    • Richard Brown – Chief Technology Officer, R3 – @gendal
    • Richard Crook – Head of Innovation Engineering, RBS – @rickcrook
    • Ajit Tripathy – Fintech and Digital Director, PWC –  @triptananda

Then these blockchain experts debate the fetishization of the distributed ledger technology, what blockchain really is, and where we’re headed.


November 11, 2016

Ep119 – Back on the Blockchain Gang!

11:FS’ resident blockchain geek, Simon Taylor, is in heaven this week. Today we bring you ace interviews with
  • Adam Ludwin, Co-Founder & CEO at Chain – @adamludwin
  • Trent McConaghy, Founder & CTO of BigchainDB – @trentmc0

Later this week, we’ve got another fantastic blockchain episode with R3’s Richard Brown and other great guests.

Chain is a blockchain technology company that partners with financial firms to build and deploy blockchain networks that transform markets.

BigchainDB allows developers and enterprise to deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms, and applications with a scalable blockchain database.

Simon, blockchain lead at 11:FS,  is a globally-recognised blockchain subject matter expert and fintech Influencer. He serves as a trusted advisor to the UK government, Bank of England, tier 1 banks, asset managers, and investors. He also established Barclays as one of the leaders in blockchain and helped a variety of startups flourish through Barclays Tech Stars accelerator.

November 9, 2016

Ep118 Money20/20 What Happens in Vegas…

Nothing scandalous happens in Vegas at Money20/20; let’s just get that out of the way. In its fifth year, Money20/20 is an event that people attend mostly to network and dance awkwardly at after parties. But in between those things, some great discussions happen. This year, financial inclusion was top of mind. Alipay surprised everyone with its announcement of going global. And Chris got a tattoo!

Chloé James – of Sky News Australia and RFi – attended Money20/20 with Chris, and joined him and the other 11:FS lads to chat about it.


November 4, 2016

Ep117 – InsurTech: Saving the World,
Saving You Money

Our first podcast dedicated to FinTech Insider Interviews features InsurTech influencers Freddy Macnamara and Mathilda Strom.
Get Insured for an Hour (or more) on a Friend’s Car
Freddy Macnamara, Founder and CEO of Cuvva, gives us a behind-the-scene’s look at how buying car insurance works, and how his InsurTech company has managed to cut out the intermediaries.
Protecting the Future of Every Family
Deputy CEO Mathilda Strom has helped Bima grow from a pilot in Ghana to an organisation bringing health, accident, and life insurance to millions of people in emerging markets. Bima is a leading InsurTech player that uses mobile technology to disrupt the global insurance industry and fuel financial inclusion.
November 2, 2016

Ep116 – InsurTech. The New FinTech? Discuss.

InsurTech has dominated financial headlines lately. ‘Should the insurance sector be worried?’ Yes, say our guests! In fact, the very question is absurd. Listen to the experts who joined us:


  • Leda Glyptis (@LedaGlyptis) – Director, Sapient Global Markets;
  • Freddy Macnamara (@_freddymac) – Founder and CEO of Cuvva;




October 26, 2016

Ep115 – Nordic FinTech: Thor the Win

FinTech is heating up in the Nordics, where 11:FS’s Chris Skinner chairs the Nordic Finance Innovation Group. The region is punching above its weight in terms of innovation (Spotify and Skype, anyone?).

You’ll hear interviews from Iren Tranvåg (@IrenTranvaag) – CEO at Nordic Finance Innovation; Søren Rode Andreasen (@RodeAndreasen) – Development Director for Core Banking at Danske Bank Group; Jarkko Turunen (@jarkkoturunen) – Head of Open Banking at Nordea; and Sergii Danylenko, Marketing Director at PrivatBank. We’re also joined by FinTech journalist Anna Irrera (@annairrera).



October 19, 2016

Ep114 – Yipi-API-yay: open platforms, marketplaces and next-gen banking.

This week we had the pleasure of talking to some global thought leaders about a topic that is on everyone’s mind; APIs.

This week we are joined by Leda Glyptis (@LedaGlyptis– Director, Sapient Global Markets, Megan Caywood (@MeganCaywood) – Director of Marketplace Platform at Starling Bank, Markos Zachariadis (@MarkosZach– Assistant Professor at Warwick Business School & Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge and Alex Lipton – Connection Science Fellow at MIT Connection Science.

October 11, 2016

Ep113 – Financial Inclusion: Banking The Next Billion.

This week we had the pleasure of talking to some global thought leaders in the space of Financial Inclusion.

This week we welcome onto the show Kosta Peric (@copernicc) who is the Deputy Director, Financial Services for the Poor at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We have Faith Reynolds who is a Member of the Financial Innovation Standing Committee CWG at ESMA. We have Jaz O’hara the founder at the World Wide Tribe ( and lastly we have Lynsey Barber (@lynseybarber) who is the Tech Reporter for City A.M.

We’ve a huge show for you chatting through some of the main issues surrounding Financial Inclusion.

October 4, 2016

Ep112 – The Secrets of Berlin Fintech Superstars

This week we had the pleasure of visiting Berlin, an incredible, vibrant and historic city, now becoming a global Tech and Fintech Hub.  We bring you the brightest and best from the Berlin Fintech scene

Your hosts, as always, is David Brear (@davidbrear) and Jason Bates (@JasonBates) Simon Taylor (@sytaylor) and Chris Skinner (@Chris_Skinner).

We’re joined by our kind hosts from Berlin Marko Wenthin (@solarisbank) and Philipp Blankenagel (@Pblankangel)

We interview Valentin Stalf (@valentinstalf) the CEO of the Red Hot N26 Challenger Bank

Then we finish up with an interview with a really interesting concept from Oliver Neumann of OptioPay (@otneumann)

September 25, 2016

Ep111 – Interviewed: The innovators really changing banking.

We have an awesome show for you this week talking to some of the most innovative people changing the way some of the largest banks on the planet operate.

Your hosts, as always, is David Brear (@davidbrear) and Jason Bates (@JasonBates) with an by interview Simon Taylor (@sytaylor) but with Chris Skinner (@Chris_Skinner) MIA this week.

We welcome back Anna Irrera (@annairrera) – Fintech reporter for Financial News, Dow Jones as well as Mariano Belinky (@belimad) and Pascal Bouvier – (@pascalbouvier) from Santander InnoVentures talking about their fund and how things work in Santander.

We interview Shamir Karkal (@shamir_k) the former co-founder and CFO of Simple and now the Head of APIs for BBVA.

Lastly we talk to Neal Cross (@Neal_X) – Chief Innovation Officer at DBS Bank about the transformation he has spearheaded at DBS as well as what its like to be crowned the most innovative CIO on the planet.

September 20, 2016

Ep110 – Will AI change the world of Banking?

This week we have a marathon of a show focussing on AI, Bots, Machine Learning and everything else augmented. 

Your hosts, as always, is David Brear (@davidbrear), Jason Bates (@JasonBates), Simon Taylor (@sytaylor) and Chris Skinner (@Chris_Skinner)

We have a fantastic lineup this week of guests with; Devika Thapar (@DeeThapar) – Financial Services Leader, IBM Watson, Dr. Ella Rabener (@ella_rabener) – CMO of Scalable Capital and Ereli Eran (@ereli) – Senior Data Scientist at Ravelin.

We hope you enjoy the show 🙂

September 10, 2016

Ep109 – The Secret to UK FinTech Success

This week we are unpacking some of the latest and greatest breaking news with Ed Maslaveckas (@Ed_Masl) and Jamie Campbell (@JCtheOriginal).

We are also joined by the fantastic Lawrence Wintermeyer (@lwintermeyer) who is the CEO of Innovative Finance.

September 1, 2016

Ep108 – Everything Blockchain. Ever.

This week we are unpacking some of the latest and greatest breaking news in the Blockchain space with some folks who know what they are talking about.

We are joined this week by Vinay Gupta (@leashless) Strategy and Venture Consultant , Lynsey Barber (@lynseybarber) City A.M. FinTech and Technology Editor and Ajit Tripathi (@triptananda) Director, FS: Fintech and Digital at PWC.


August 22, 2016

Ep107 – Why Asia-Pacific will rule the Fintech world

The FinTech growing in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam is the most exciting in the world and it’s coming your way!

This week we’re focussing on Asia-Pacific stories and insights with Rob Findlay (@robfindlay) Founder of Next Money, James Lloyd (@jamesplloyd) APAC Fintech Lead for EY, and Chloé James, Sky News Presenter and Group Media Director at RFi Group.  We also have a great interview with Scott Bales (@scottebales) MD of Innovation Labs Asia.

August 9, 2016

Ep105 – Putting the brakes on accelerators

This week we’re joined by Jess Williamson from TechStars (@JessInBlue), Gareth Jefferies – Investment Director at Northzone (@gg_jefferies) and Aden Davies (@aden_76) previously of HSBC and the owner of @FinTechBot

July 25, 2016

Ep103 – Blockchain, Blockchain, Blockchain.

This week we talk to ex UBS CIO Oliver Bussmann (@obussmann) Marcus Treacher (@marcus_treacher) who is the Global Head of Strategic Accounts at @Ripple and we also chat through the news with Oscar Willams Grut (@OscarWGrut) who is the FinTech reporter for Business Insider.

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July 20, 2016

Ep102 – Bitcoin halving, Bud and Pokemon Go!

This week we talk to Anna Irrera from Financial News and the Wall Street Journal, Frank Schuil, who is the CEO at Saffello, and Edward (CEO) and Jamie from UK Bank as a Platform – Bud

July 12, 2016

Ep101 – Brexit Special

We discussed Brexit, what it means for us all and whether or not it impacts the UK’s place at the top of the FinTech tree.

This week we are joined by Anna Irrera from the Wall Street Journal as well as Sophie Guibaud from Fidor to talk about how they see Brexit impacting Fidor and the Fintech world.