The 11:FS team have built, transformed, and benchmarked digital banks across the globe. Digging deeper than the press release, this is where we reflect on the hot trends and topics, and share the best of what we learn.

February 22, 2017

[video] The First 5 Steps to Transform Your Bank

David Brear at FinTech Oulu event 17.1.170

At 11:FS, our mantra is digital banking is only 1% finished – meaning we’ve got a long way to go before banking becomes truly digital. This is an exciting place to be, but how will we get there? 11:FS CEO David Brear answered that question at the Technology Disrupting Finance conference in Oulu, Finland. Watch his keynote here and read 5 takeaways below.

February 21, 2017

UK ​Banking: How Are You Sleeping?

If you’re a banker, particularly a retail banker, last year was like the longest pre-fight build up we’ve ever seen. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that this year four new challenger banks will finally come to the UK market in the form of Monzo, Atom, Starling, and Tandem. They were the constant drum beat in the background while you were making your roadmaps and planning your transformations; the constant understanding that winter was coming.

February 20, 2017

Banking APIs Aren’t about Tech or Banking

Banking APIs aren't about tech or banking

I’m sure that you’ve seen the same presentations that I have. An expert from a large consultancy stands up and his first slide says “API stands for Application Programming Interface”. He continues with a description of new regulations (PSDII / CMA) and describes the technology that will let customers give third parties to access their banking data and trigger new transactions. That’s all true, but it’s a mistake to start there, it leads in the wrong direction.

February 17, 2017

Monzo: A Peek inside the Playbook of the World’s First Truly Digital Bank

FinTech Insider interview with Monzo CEO Tom Blomfield.

When most banks are bribing people to join with £100 or a Rihanna CD, Monzo is doing the opposite: building a bank customers love, involving them in its development, and being so amazing the network blows up like Facebook. Monzo, the bank that broke Crowdcube, now has more than 100,000 customers. Next milestone: 1 million. Here’s how they’ll do it.

February 16, 2017

11 Things Your CIO Needs to Know About Blockchain Today

Blockchain and DLT are in the labs of most large banks and have been useful from a PR perspective. But what next? What the hell should we actually be doing with this technology? Here are 11 things your CIO needs to know about blockchain / DLT so your organisation doesn’t get left behind.

February 8, 2017

Garanti: The banking app that isn’t on your radar

When our friends at Garanti asked us to take a look at their app, we could see pretty quickly that they were doing things a little differently. A traditional Turkish bank that broke away from the pack, Garanti is integrating next-generation services into their mobile app. Let’s look at our top 5 features.


January 31, 2017

An Open Letter to Mark Carney on Robo-Advice

In a recent speech, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney appeared concerned about robo-advisors becoming a risk to our financial system, the argument being they may lead to excess volatility or increase pro-cyclicality as a result of herding. Guest blogger Adam French, CEO of Scalable Capital, says this attack on robo-advice is misinformed for several reasons.

January 24, 2017

[video] M-PESA’s Mobile Money Revolution: Key Lessons for Banks

Lesley-Anne Vaughan, Director of MiLA Consulting and Co-Creator of M-PESA, Vodafone’s famed mobile money transfer service, has been dedicated to mobile money and mobile financial services in emerging markets since 2005. Here, she shares how M-PESA transformed from a microfinance product to a revolutionary service that’s changed Kenya’s infrastructure, increased financial inclusion, and earned the majority of the market for mobile money transfers.

January 22, 2017

The 11 Fintech and Banking Trends You Need to Follow

The first few weeks of 2017 bombarded us with articles predicting the future of fintech and financial services. Chris Skinner, our Non-Executive Director at 11:FS, analysed them all and identified the top 11 trends that the leading banking and fintech experts agree we should be following now.

January 17, 2017

The Death of Omnichannel Banking

Omnichannel is the king of the buzzwords in retail banking. It’s the idea that “customers should receive a consistent seamless service across all channels.” In this utopia the branch, phone, web, and mobile app all come together as one. But if you’re a fan of omnichannel, you might want to sit down, because I’ve got some bad news.