Digital transformation is a small team activity

Whether you are exploring new propositions, designing and testing new products, taking on new territories, or developing new capabilities. You need a small team of highly skilled and experienced operators, who can act quickly and decisively.

11:FS can supplement your team with the right people to get the job done.


We deliver a range of services to help drive insight, action and investment.

Building Banks.

The large incumbents are stuck in the innovators dilemma, they face significant disruption and lost shareholder value creation opportunity, but will struggle to pull themselves away from old approaches and business models while customers are not leaving and the old model still works.

Our team have built banks from scratch, and transformed them from within. Having this blended view is truly unique to 11:FS and through these different dimensions we have learned what works, what suppliers work and what technologies to really invest in to make a difference to your customers and shareholders.

Keynote Addresses.

Our team regularly speak at industry events globally. We provide an independentl and engaging story to audiences interested in Fintech, digital transformation and the future of banking. 11:FS actively engages in speaking engagements to share market insights and support motivation, influence, persuasion, informing, translation or simplification across the global banking industry.

Whether you are looking for a keynote presentation, a conference chair on MC, we have the right team to support you. If you would be interested in one of our team talking at an event you have coming up then get in touch via the Talk to Us section.

Service Design.

Creating next-generation banking services requires an obsessive focus on the customer; a deep understanding of their lives, and problems; and the targeted use of design and technology to deliver market leading results.

11:FS brings together a unique team with deep expertise in the creation and launch of new digital banking propositions, having both transformed old banks and built new challengers in the UK and abroad.

FinTech Exec.

We help experienced execs get to grips with digital transformation: how it is fundamentally changing customer’s lives, how digital products and services are developed, and what actual technologies underly the smartphone / cloud revolution.

Through workshops, coaching, and bespoke training courses delivered by industry experts, we help banking execs ‘get it’.

Bespoke Research.

Our on-site workshops bring your teams together to solve problems, understand your market, or discover the best of the best.
Our combined experience building banks, and understanding the status quo will ensure you leave with actionable insights and a competitive advantage.
To that end, we offer bespoke reports which combine our benchmarking capabilities with proactive research.


Successful Digital products build on what has come before, taking the best of what is already there, and remixing solutions to create something better.
11:FS offers a next generation digital benchmarking platform that helps bank executives and product owners understand the market and create amazing products.

Blockchain Investment Fund

At 11:FS we have experience implementing Blockchain strategies at Tier 1 banks, working with regulators governments and start-ups.

We created the "Banking on Blockchain" fund to help banks and investors gain information and value flow from this white hot new technology area.

Talk to us about how we can help you get to where you want to on your blockchain journey, or just to understand it better

FinTech Insider.

FinTech Insider is a weekly podcast hosted by David M. Brear, Jason Bates, Simon Taylor and Chris Skinner. We discuss the week in FinTech and Banking and interview key figures from startups, banking, regulators, and investors across the globe on what is going on in Fintech. It's the inside scoop, warts and all.


July 6, 2016

How will Brexit impact banks and FinTech in the UK?

It may not have escaped your attention that the British Public voted to leave the EU. Although in the aftermath it’s still unclear quite what that actually means, this morning bank shares have taken a significant hit with Lloyds off 8%, Barclays 10% and RBS down 15% leading the LSE to halt trading in those stocks.

There are a number of theories about what happens next. Are people concerned about retail banking operations, corporate banking, investment banking or all of the above? Here are some ideas.

June 21, 2016

The Rebundling of UK Financial Services

This post appeared first in The Times and Raconteur in the UK in June 2016.

Until the financial crisis banks had enjoyed decades of growth unencumbered by the disruption seen in the newspaper, telecommunications and music industries.

During the good years banks’ profits soared and, while they embraced customer-facing internet and mobile apps, the foundations, processes and technology on which banks are built, despite billions spent on technology, would look familiar to those who worked there in the 1970s.

UK banks now face the perfect storm of significant technological advancements plus a regulator and government that want to foster innovation, and an ever-growing disillusionment of banking customers to banks’ offerings.